deep tissue massage fort collins

The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Many people know that there are several different types of massages that can be received, each with their own unique benefits and techniques. However, one highly beneficial massage is a deep tissue massage fort collins professionals perform. A deep tissue massage is different from other massages and has several physical benefits as well as psychological benefits.

Conditions A Massage Can Improve

A deep tissue massage is recommended for individuals that experience pain or stiffness in their muscles. Many patients suffering from pain may find that getting a deep tissue massage improves their symptoms and increases flexibility. In some cases, this massage can be just as effective as using pain relief medications. Some of the issues that a deep tissue massage may help include:

·    Plantar fasciitis

·    Fibromyalgia

deep tissue massage fort collins

·    Sports injuries

·    High blood pressure

·    Tennis elbow

·    Sciatica

If you’ve been experiencing pain or other symptoms, consider speaking with a massage therapist and getting a deep tissue massage that can alleviate your symptoms and lead to improved comfort when performing daily tasks and increased relaxation.

What to Expect

Before your massage gets started, your massage therapist will speak with you about any pain or issues you may be experiencing. This information is used to personalize your experience and make sure that any problem areas are dealt with. Once they’re aware of areas that need special attention, you will lie down under a sheet and your muscles will be warmed and massaged thoroughly.

Once you’ve gotten your first deep tissue massage, you’ll want another one. The strokes are long and deep, so your muscles are thoroughly massaged and relaxed with the movements of your massage therapist. There are many other types of massages you may choose from as well – try them all and discover your favorite.

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